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TheaCare (previously Women's Health Line) is a platform that aims to dismantle the culture of silence around women’s health and bodies by creating awareness, and fostering healthy conversations. 

Through a robust framework of well-researched content, an engaging community, comprehensive sex education, and a range of ingenious products and services, we seek to bring about holistic solutions to women’s health and body-care problems.

We have no ‘target audience’— we encourage not only women, but even men, educators, policy-makers, medical practitioners and health journalists to look us up, help us identify key problem areas and contribute towards working on holistic solutions to women and girls’ health issues. We are a body-positive, sex-positive platform seeking to counter a culture preoccupied with ‘slimming’ and ‘fairness’, and encouraging you love your body, care for it and be vigilant about its well-being.

Visit us at https://Thea.Care for more.


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India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018