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Women's health in India:
Where are we now & the road ahead ?

10:30 AM, A/V Room 1

Doing away with the panel-heavy nature of conferences, we are happy to organise an informal Baithak on the current situation of women's health in India. We have a diverse group of people addressing this issue, tackling women's health problems from different contexts, using variety of tools and strategies. We hear the perspective of men working in this field, of grassroots activists working in tribal areas, the intervention of hospitals to provide holistic care & support to new mothers, women's health authors and women leading manufacturing of path breaking products for women's health.

The idea is to understand structures of silence & stigma around women's health, present in different aspects of life.

What are the various challenges across class, caste & geography? What are some solutions that have worked in dismantling such systemic problems? Can these solutions be scaled? Are these solutions affordable cross-sectionally? What is the future of FemTech in South Asia?

We tackle these and many more questions together, while also celebrating the stories & journeys of individuals who are changing the conversation.


India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018