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At FemmeCon, our aim is to dismantle panels and bring you specific information you can use in your daily life. Based on the most common kinds of queries we receive from our community, we have curated 8 discussions (2 of them yet be announced) where you are invited to engage with an expert. Have thorough in-depth discussions & a candid knowledge exchange. This is a safe space for your queries.


By Gitanjali Banerjee
Founder, Infertility Dost
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Female Infertility: Stigma & Support


By Neha Arora
Founder, Planet Abled
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Access & Sanitation for Women with Disabilities


By Surabhi Srivastava
Co-host & Co-producer, The Reproductive Justice Happy Hour
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Abortion in India: Stories, Stigma, Challenges & Solutions


By Latika Wadhwa
Founder, Mompreneur Circle
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Self-Care for Working Women

Laws on Sexual Harassment at the Workpla

By Pallavi Pareek
Managing Partner, Ungender
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Laws on Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

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By Vandita Morarka
Founder, One Future Collective
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Government Policies on Women's Health


India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018